October 14, 2012

Librarian Portrayals: An introduction

Librarians are portrayed in a variety of ways in popular media. Some of these views are favorable and positive as seen in children's media; however, more often they are negative and widely untrue. This blog is an effort to discuss what these stereotypes look like in an array of formats, why they exist, and how they impact the profession. The stereotypes discussed include:

  • the "sexy" librarian
  • the frumpy librarian
  • the male librarian
  • the unfriendly librarian
  • the timid/introverted librarian
  • librarian's in children's media


  1. Hey, if you want to read about a truly remarkable librarian, google "The Fantastic Adventures of Elwood the Librarian" and see what pops up! You're welcome! =)

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